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Moral Development

    Abstract: This article is dedicated to researching the action of the Prophet Muhamad(pbuh) with respect to observing Fast in Ramadan
    A) LIMIT SPREAD OF VIRUS AND COMMUNICABLE DISEASE: Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said :  1. " Do not enter into or leave
    [This article is written to present concept of Quran about ‘Evolution’ and ‘Origin of Human Life’ on earth, and then
    (The emphasis of this article is about importance of Zakat in Islam, benefits that zakat payers get, recipients of zakat
    Introduction. Training is very important to do something efficiently. It is like hands-on training of a doctor before treating a
    “O Believers! Save yourselves and your family from the Hellfire whose fuel is human being and stones” (Quran ; Surah
    Iman directs a believer to follow Islam as Deen (way of life). In Islamic way of life, a believer first
      As discussed earlier “sole purpose of human life” is to achieve peace and happiness by working as obedient vicegerent
    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “There are some 60 or 70 branches of faith. The highest is to bear witness that
    This is the last step in the Journey to achieve satisfaction of Allah. To reach to this stage of journey,
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