Significance of Iman in Angels

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Significance of Iman in Angels

“Those who say, ‘Allah is our Lord’ and then stand firm, Angels descend on them and say, ‘Fear not, nor grieve and rejoice in the good news of Paradise that has been promised to you. We (Angels) are your companions in the life of this World and in the Hereafter too. There you will have, whatever you ask for will be yours; an entertainment from the one who is All-Forgiver and all Merciful.’”

(Quran 41:30-34)

Faith in the ‘Angels’ is one of the six pillars of Iman. Angels are an unseen creation of Allah. Their existence is also believed by major religions like Christianity and Judaism. However, faith in the function of the Angels and their relationship with God varies in different religions.

Islam considers that ‘Angels’ are one of the creations of Allah. They do not have free will; they only obey the command of Allah (Quran 21:26).

Unlike followers of some other religions, Muslims do not believe that Angels have any relation with God like daughter or partner (Quran 37:149-157, 43:19).

Although Angels are concealed from us, Allah may show them to some of the selective persons whom He wishes. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has seen Angel Gabriel in his real shape and in human shape (Bukhari, Muslim). Angel Gabriel also had a direct conversation with Mary (mother of Prophet Jesus) in the shape of a man. This means that angels may come to humans in their real form or other forms (Quran 21:20, 41:38) as Allah wishes.

Why does Islam consider Faith in Angels so important that it is included in its Main Articles of Faith? To understand the importance of Faith in Angels, believers need to know the function of Angels and understand their influence in life. Some of the functions of Angels and effect of having faith in these functions in the life of believers are briefly discussed here:

1. Angels are assigned to every man and woman to record what they do in the life of this world. Allah says: “Do they think that we hear not their secrets and their private counsel? (Yes, we do) and Our Messengers (appointed Angels in charge of mankind) are by them to record” (Quran 43:80).

“Two scribes sitting on his right and his left are recording everything. He utters not a word but there is an ever-ready observer to note it down” (Quran 50:17-18).

“Surely there are respected protectors (angels) over you, who are watching and recording whatever you do” (Quran 82:10-12).

“Indeed His (Allah) Angels are keeping a full record of your act of deception.” (Quran 10:21)

The above references from the Quran make it clear that Angels watch and record all our deeds for reward or punishment in this world and life after death. This is similar in idea to a security camera installed at traffic lights to catch violators for punishment. Some offenders violate a traffic light even though there is a risk of an accident. However, the same offenders may not violate traffic lights at places where such camera recorders are installed to catch the violators and punish them. This is analogous to the faith in Angels recording our actions. This faith helps to keep us away from wrongdoing because we believe that Angels will record our wrong actions for punishment.

On the other hand, faith in recording good deeds by Angels will encourage us to do them for reward from Allah.

Sometimes people with the wrong attitude have misconceptions to the extent that they think there is no one to record what they are doing in this world and there is no one to reward or punish them after death for good and bad deed. These types of people can spoil peace by spreading corruption as they do not feel any accountability for their wrongdoing. Therefore, for the sake of peace, it is necessary to fear that someone is recording his or her evil actions for punishment. Allah has cautioned mankind that Angels are assigned for recording everything good or bad they do. Consciousness about this recording saves mankind from wrongdoing. It also encourages one to do good deeds for a good record and reward from Allah, even if it happens that our good deeds are not recognized and rewarded by anyone in this world.

2. Angels are with believers to help them, provided they are firm on faith and have the intention to try doing good deeds. Such believers get extra strength to overcome difficulties by the help of Angels. A beautiful inspiration for peace in a difficult situation of such believers is recorded in Quran as follows:

“Those who say, ‘Allah is our Lord’ and then stand firm, Angels descend on them and say, ‘Fear not, nor grieve and rejoice in the good news of paradise that has been promised to you. We are your companions in the life of this world and in the Hereafter. There you will have whatever you desire and whatever you ask for will be yours; an entertainment from the one who is All-Forgiving, All Merciful’” (Quran 41:30-32).

If Angels are our companions in this life of the world to support us, what else we do need for peace and happiness?

3. Faith in the punishment of disbelievers by angels cautions the believers to maintain the qualities of Iman. They always remain conscious so that they do not fall in the category of disbelievers and face punishment. Imagine what should be our reaction when we hear from our Lord: “Would that you could see how it was when the Angels were seizing the souls of slain disbelievers! They were striking on their face and hips and saying, “Now taste the torment of burning, this is the recompense for what your own hands have prepared beforehand, Allah is never unjust to His servants” (Quran 8:50).

Allah cautions the believers:

“O you, who have believed, save yourselves and your households from fire whose fuel shall be humans and stone, over which shall be appointed fierce and stern Angels” (Quran 66:6).

The words of Allah stated above take root in the heart of a believer, and he keeps this in mind while planning anything. He makes sure that the work he is going to do will not be a cause of Hell Fire for himself and his family. At the time of attempting to do anything in violation of the orders of Allah, his inner eye sees the picture of a fierce and stern Angel waiting to punish him for disobeying the orders of Allah. This state of mind with respect to ‘Faith in Angels’ helps a believer to abstain from any wrongdoing. He will not do anything unlawful even for meeting the essential needs of self and family. This state of mind helps to reduce crime and brings peace in society.

4. Allah has ordered “Angels” to keep the believers steadfast: “Remember when your Lord was inspiring the Angels (with the message): ‘I am with you, so keep the believers steadfast’” (Quran 8:12).

This message gives courage and extra strength to the believers so that they can stay firm in difficult situations and overcome them. When we believe that Angels are there for helping us, then we do not breakdown in the face of hardship. We get peace of mind instead of grief and anxiety in any difficult situation. We can overcome difficulty with confidence that the help of Allah through His Angels is with us. This is the benefit of Faith in Angels for every believer.

5. Even after any wrongdoing by us, Allah keeps His door of Mercy open. His Angels pray for forgiveness for us. As a result, we do not lose hope. We repent for our mistakes and correct ourselves. Thus, we can save ourselves from destruction that arises from frustration and repetition of mistakes: “The Angels are Glorifying their Lord with His praise and begging forgiveness for those on the earth” (Quran 42:5).

6. Angels will welcome the believers to paradise as a reward for their good deeds. This faith inspires the believers to do good deeds continually. Good deeds help to build a better life and better society. The ultimate reward for good deeds is a grand reception to Paradise by Angels. Allah says: “Paradise is the reward for those pious people whose souls are received in a pure state by the Angels who welcome them, saying, ‘Peace be upon you: enter into paradise as a reward for your good deeds’” (Quran 16:32).

The above verses of the Quran give a clear picture about how “Faith in Angels” prepares the moral base of believers for pursuing good deeds and avoiding vice. This can be explained better by some examples from our lives:

  • Let us take an example of an employee in an organization who neglects his duty when the employer is not in the office. He simply neglects his duty because there is no one to watch his negligence. If the employee is a true believer in Angels, he will think that though the employer does not see his negligence, an Angel is still recording his negligence to produce to Allah for punishment. Immediately, his attitude will change and will stop such negligence. Thus, faith in Angels motivates him to stop unlawful negligence. As a result, work will not suffer, and both the employer and employee will be saved from the harmful effects of negligence.
  • Let us take another example of an oppressive ruler of a country, whom we see in many parts of the world nowadays. He deprives people from their rights and enjoys state property for personal benefit. If people criticize, he punishes them in jail. If this ruler sincerely believes that Angels are recording his crimes and will report to Allah for punishment, he will stop. Thus, the consciousness of Rulers about the recording of their misdeeds by Angels, helps them to refrain from crime. As a result, people can enjoy a safe and prosperous life in the country.
  • Suppose you are walking on the street and you saw an obstacle in the way. You can bypass it and proceed to your destination without removing the obstacle from the way. But if you believe that removal of the harmful obstacle will make the road safe for people and an Angel will record this as a good deed to report to Allah for reward, you will not hesitate to use the little time and energy that is needed to remove that obstacle. The result of having faith in the recording of good deeds by Angels has made the road safer for all including you. In addition, a good deed is added in your record for a reward in the afterlife.
  • Suppose you are going for a dinner. At that time, you come to know that your neighbor did not cook food, as he does not have anything. If you believe that donation of a portion of your food to such a needy neighbour not only will save him from starvation but also an angel will record this as noble act and report to Allah for reward, you will be more than happy to share food with that needy neighbor. Because of this noble action by you, a human being will be saved from starvation, you will get a thankful neighbour who will cooperate in time of your need and Allah will reward you in this world and in the afterlife. Thus, having faith in the recording of good deeds by an angel delivers so many benefits.
  • Suppose you are coming from a market. On the way, you see an old man carrying a big bag with difficulty. If you think that your help will ease the sufferings of this man and believe that an Angel will record your action as a good deed for reward, you will not hesitate to extend help. The result of this belief relieves a human being from difficulty and brings for you a heavenly reward. It is worth mentioning here an example from the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). On his way to Makkah from Madinah, Muhammad (PBUH) saw an old woman walking with difficulty with a big luggage on her head. He inquired about her destination. She replied, “I heard Muhammad is coming to Makkah with his people. So, I am leaving Makkah for safety.” The fear was natural because she thought that Muhammad (PBUH) would take revenge for the oppression done on him by the people of Makkah. Muhammad (PBUH) did not disclose his identity and just took the load on his shoulder and accompanied her until she reached her destination.

Above are a few examples that explain how “Faith in Angels” influences the life of a believer. When a believer starts to think that Angels watch and record all his or her activity, then his or her life completely changes to righteousness. Doing good and avoiding bad become the norms in the life of a believer. Thus, ‘Iman in Angels’ educates people to think and organize activities in line with having Faith in Angels. It reminds the believers about the benefits that they are getting from activities done with Iman in Angels.

Based on the above facts from the Quran and Sunnah, we may summarize the actions of believers with respect to “Iman in Angels” as follows:

  • Believers should have firm faith that Allah has created Angels to do certain functions like: Glorify Allah, operate and maintain the universe as per His order, assist the believers in good deeds in this world, keep full records of activity of every human being for judgment, reward those who obey Allah and punish those who disobey Allah.
  • In line with Divine Faith that Angels are recording everything, believers should be careful while doing anything. They should do good work in the way of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for the satisfaction of Allah only. Angels will record good deeds for reward if it is done in the way that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had shown. Any temptation for unlawful work shall be avoided, as this will be recorded by angels for punishment.
  • As a commitment to Divine Faith that Angels are companions of the believers to extend help, they should not breakdown in difficult situations nor should they give up good deeds. Rather, they should try to pursue good deeds as much as they can with courage for the satisfaction and pleasure of Allah.

The above discussions help to understand the Significance of Faith in Angels in shaping our lives for good and protecting from the consequences of evil and live accordingly.

Concept of Iman in Angels (Summary of actions)

Angels are creation, have no relation Angel They have no free will, worship Allah with Allah like partner, son, daughter. and manage everything by His order.

Study, think and understand from verse Function of Study ,think and understand from of Quran that discuss about angel angel hadith that discuss about angel

Records Records Helps to do Prays for Submits rewards for punishes for good deed bad deed good, avoid bad mercy work report good deed bad deed.

Remember Remember Remember Remember Remember Remember Remember always always always always always always always

Understand Understand Angel’s help Avoid Improve Do more Avoid bad and good deed bad deed inspires to frustration report good deed save yourself.

Do good deed for good report by angel Avoid bad deed for reducing bad record by angel.

*Understand good deed from Quran, hadith * Understand bad deeds from Quran, Hadith * Always obey order of Allah. *Never disobey order of Allah. * Do all obligarory duties on time. * Always avoid unlawful things. * Do all rituals, achieve its objective. *Do not neglect any obligatory rituals. *Do things that Quran treat as good deed *Avoid things that Quran treat as bad deeds. * Call people to do righteous work. * Do not neglect Stop others from bad deed. *Show people right path ‘Islam’ * Do not neglect to stop misguidance. * Always maintain good manner. * Avoid imorality and indecent way. * gain and use skill for quality. *Avoid compromising quality. * Make use of time in good deed. * Avoid wasting time. * Seek pleasure of Allah in every work. * Avoid actions that displease Allah. *Fear Allah, it helps to do good deed * Do not ignore warning of Allah. * Be good, make family, society good. * Avoid things that make family, society bad. * Understand and try to get benefit from * Understand and protect from harm of bad good deed in the world and afterlife. deed in the world and afterlife by avoiding it.

Building habit of practicing above actions with consciousness that the angels are recording everything for reward or punishment, is crucial to living with Iman in angel. It helps to bring in more good deed and low-down evil in our life and in the society. Increase in good deed and decline in wrongdoing, thus achieved by virtue of Iman in angel promotes peace, prosperity, and happiness in the world. This is a great success indeed! On top of this, Allah rewards believers with Paradise in afterlife.

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