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Significance of Iman in Good or Bad Destiny

Significance of Iman in Good or Bad Destiny “Man is a (strange) creature, when we grant favor on him, he behaves arrogantly and turns his back, but when misfortune befalls him, he begins to lose heart.” (Quran 17:83) Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Faith in Destiny

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Significance of Iman in Allah

3 Significance of Iman in Allah “He is Allah – the one; Allah is the self-sufficient. He has not given birth to anyone, nor He was given birth by anyone. And there is none equal to Him” (Quran 112:1-4). “He is Allah: There is no

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Guidance from Quran for achieving objectives of Qurbani

1) Every year Muslims sacrifice cattle in the month of Julhajj ( last month of lunar calendar). It is known as Qurbani or Udhiya, which means sacrifice. Qurbani is the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim (AW). Muhammad (pbuh) revived this Sunnah in Islam by the order

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Understanding the benefits of Fasting and ways to achieve.

Abstract: This article is dedicated to researching the action of the Prophet Muhamad(pbuh) with respect to observing Fast in Ramadan for our understanding about the benefits of Fasting that Allah has mentioned in the Quran : “ To Fast is the beneficial for you, if

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Testimony of Faith in Islam

Testimony of Faith in Islam Testimony of Faith is a statement that a person pronounces at the time he accepts Islam. This testimony is the first and most important among the five pillars of Islam. In Islamic terminology, it is called ‘Shahada’. It is an

‘Zakat’ – the Third Pillar of Islam

(The emphasis of this article is about importance of Zakat in Islam, benefits that zakat payers get, recipients of zakat and their benefits. Detail Rules and Regulation of Zakat is not included in this article). What is Zakat? ‘Zakat’ is a special terminology used in